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Paul E. Smith Insurance
Paul E. Smith
100 Queen St.
Southington, CT 06489
Phone: (860)276-9181
Fax: (860)628-2352

Thomson Financial Services
Robert S. Thomson
100 Queen St.
Southington, CT 06489
Phone: (860)621-8005
Toll Free: (800)343-2504
Fax: (860)628-2352

A Unique Insurance Agency at the Forefront of Change
Licensed in CT, MA and RI

-10 Licensed Agents with over 40 years of insurance experience
- Broad portfolio of products and services
- Dedicated staff of service professionals
- Serving employers with 1 to 1,000 employees

Why AmeriBen Alliance?
- Peace of mind and confidence that your employee benefit plan is administered by professionals
- Less time spent on benefits administration
- More time for you to tend to your business
- We are employee benefit specialists so you don’t have to become one
- We are customer-focused on service
- We truly add value to your company benefits

Our Commitment to our Clients
To provide you the best possible solution to your group insurance needs. We will show you competitive plan designs and rates with various carriers in the state. We will also provide you with different contribution strategies for cost effective solutions for all levels of employees.
Our renewal process allows you the opportunity to review your current benefits and rates as well as look at competitive alternatives.
Our “Caring through Action” approach allows you to spend more time on your business needs while we resolve your insurance challenges. We pride ourselves on our commitment to service and working with the carriers on your behalf.



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